Orlando Auto Accident Injury ClinicIf you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important that you visit an Orlando auto accident injury clinic soon after the incident, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured.  Don’t believe it? Research has shown that a rear impact of even as little as 5 miles per hour can cause significant damage to your spine and its surrounding tissues!  Even if you believe that your accident was too minor to cause any damage to your body, choose to be safe rather than sorry and get it checked out. Also, keep reading for seven stellar reasons why you need to make an appointment with an accident injury specialist after being in a car crash!

  • Prevention:  How many of us has a parent or older relative who complains of an ache or pain that they have from an accident they were once in?  I know I do! This happens so often because many injuries that occur in car accidents seem minor at the time, or we may assume that they will heal on their own.  While this does occur sometimes, injuries sustained during car accidents, when left untreated, can often transform into larger chronic issues that could have been prevented had proper care been sought immediately.
  • Restore Your Alignment:  The impact of a car accident can cause the body’s nervous system, muscular systems, and skeletal systems to fall out of alignment, which can have far-reaching negative effects on your well-being.  Research has shown that a misalignment of these systems can contribute to high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain.  Visiting an Orlando auto accident injury clinic specializing in auto injuries and having them perform spinal or extremity manipulation therapy can help to realign your systems and improve your physical and mental health.
  • Orlando Auto Accident Injury ClinicAlleviate Pain:  When people experience extreme pain after a car accident, they often turn to prescription painkillers to alleviate their symptoms.  However, this simply masks the problem–painkillers will not heal the cause of your pain. As a result, you will have to continue to take powerful pain medication, which can potentially be dangerous.  However, if you visit an Orlando auto accident injury clinic that specializes in auto accident injuries, there can be hope of improving and healing the injury that the original cause of the pain. As with anything, the more quickly you visit a clinic following your accident, the better.  Healing injuries soon after they occur can prevent them from getting worse and improve your likelihood for a positive outcome.
  • Reduce Inflammation:  Micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles often occur during car accidents.  This leads to irritation, swelling, and inflammation of the muscles. Visiting an accident injury specialist can help with this issue!  When the doctors perform spinal manipulations, your spinal cord is realigned, which causes it to release anti-inflammatory cellular response.  As a result, you are able to alleviate pain, improve your musculoskeletal health, and naturally reduce inflammation all at once! We can help you accomplish this at our Orlando auto accident injury clinic.
  • Increase Range of Motion:  One of the effects of inflammation of the muscles is a limited range of motion.  This symptom is also aided by chiropractic adjustments and exercises which realign the body, improve blood circulation, increase flexibility, and restore range of motion more quickly.
  • Improve Posture:  Did you know that a misalignment due to a car accident can contribute to poor posture?  Poor posture has a number of harmful effects, including neck pain, shoulder tension, and headaches.  Receiving a realignment by a car accident specialist as well as performing various physical therapy exercises can help remedy poor posture and decrease its harmful side effects.
  • Orlando Auto Accident Injury ClinicAccurate Medical Records:  One of the most important reasons to visit an Orlando auto accident injury clinic specializing in auto accident injuries following an accident is so that you will have accurate medical records.  Toughing an injury out on your own or even going to a general practitioner can result in medical records that are either nonexistent or too sparse. This can create difficulties in the long run for practitioners trying to treat an injury that surfaces later on or if you decide to try and pursue personal injury compensation for injuries obtained in the car accident.

Clearly, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is imperative that you seek attention from medical professionals who specialize in injuries obtained in car accidents.  If you are in the Orlando area, make us your choice for your Orlando auto accident injury clinic. With over thirteen locations in the Orlando area, doctors trained in the most up-to-date auto injury treatments, and years of experience, let us at Integrative Physical Medicine help you recover from your accident and live your best life.  To schedule an appointment, give our Auto Injury Hotline a call at (407) 734-2917.  Also, be sure to check out our written and video client testimonials and have peace of mind that you are trusting the right car accident specialists at our Orlando auto accident injury clinic!

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