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Over the years, more and more evidence has accumulated that indicates the effectiveness of various chiropractic treatments. When performed by learned and experienced professionals, chiropractic care is highly effective and entirely safe, helping to treat a wide variety of conditions.

At Integrative Physical Medicine, you will find chiropractors who have completed years of comprehensive chiropractic education. Our chiropractors will provide the adjustments or manipulations you need on various joints, most commonly those of the spine. These adjustments will restore or enhance the function of these joints. This is generally accomplished through hands-on manipulation of the body, sometimes with the accompaniment of a chiropractic instrument.

Our Orlando chiropractic services will:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease pain
  • Restore ease of motion and joint mobility

Our chiropractic procedures are highly controlled and adapted to each patient’s specific needs. As such, they rarely cause pain or discomfort, and most patients notice improvement in both pain levels, mobility, and mood immediately following their adjustment.

Conditions We Treat

orlando auto injury doctorsAt Integrative Physical Medicine, our chiropractic services can help with a variety of problems, including:

  • Back Pain: This can be a debilitating condition. The back, particularly the spine, is central to all of our movements. Back pain can make even the simplest tasks, from sleeping to lifting heavy objects, almost impossible. We can treat both acute and chronic back pain.
  • Car Accident Injuries: The problems that result from car accidents can be latent in nature, meaning they do not fully manifest until weeks or even months after a car accident. That is why it is so important to seek treatment immediately following an accident. At Integrative Physical Medicine, our Orlando chiropractors will provide the treatment you need to help recover from a car accident injury. Chiropractic care can treat whiplash, soft-tissue injuries, displaced bone fragments in the spine, neck injuries, and more.
  • Herniated Discs: This is a condition in which a disc is protruding from its normal radius in the spine. The pain that results from this condition is caused by the bulging disc pressing on a nerve in the spinal column, which ends up causing high levels of pain and a significant loss of motion. Our Orlando chiropractors will treat herniated discs, helping to ease your pain and restore your range of motion.
  • Migraine Headaches: Although chiropractic care cannot “cure” migraine headaches, it can provide relief through effective treatment that adequately relieves your pain. People often seek chiropractic care for migraine headaches, as it is a natural, narcotic-free method of addressing the problem.

orlando auto injury doctorsWhy Choose Integrative Physical Medicine For Your Orlando Chiropractic Care?

At Integrative Physical Medicine, we understand just how painful and debilitating back pain and neck pain can be. We also understand the various effects that come with these problems, such as irritability, depression, and an overall reduction of one’s quality of life.

Our chiropractic services will help you recover from car accidents or other events that have resulted in pain, inflammation, and motion loss, helping you get back to the things in life that really matter.

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