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Ensuring patients live healthy lives through the highest quality interventional pain management service and compassionate care.

At Interventional Associates, we strive to provide patient centered care – giving our patients immediate and convenient access to the latest in treatment protocols and procedures.

Our goal is to minimize delays and maintain the flow of a patient’s care. Patients can take advantage of complete orthopedic medical diagnosis, treatment and/or surgery, rehabilitation, and assistance orthopedic care all in one building

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Knowledge Makes All The Difference

Interventional Pain Management

Pain has many consequences for the individual sufferer, as well as society as a whole, and is a public health concern. Pain severely impacts the quality of life for the pain sufferer, their family and their community. Business and industry incur significant losses due to employee absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased health care costs.

Miracles of Hope

Orthopedic Specialties

Interventional Associates is group of fully trained, experienced, specialty physicians providing the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

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Car Accident Victim - auto injury doctor plant city FL
Intensive Caring

Auto Accident Injuries

Car collisions can be one of the most frightening and confusing experiences that a person is forced to go through. Often the first thing that a person is concerned about following an automobile accident is the damage to their vehicle or their insurance coverage. This often results in people neglecting the most important part, their individual health. Just as is the case with many injuries, seeking proper care within a timely fashion is often the most vital aspect in determining the overall outcome of their care and condition.

plant city auto accident doctor

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