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Digital Motion X-Ray

Digital Motion X-Ray is simply a type of fluoro-based x-ray system, coupled with new digital and optic technology, allowing clinicians to view the spine in real-time motion at 30 x-rays per second. The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving in a weight-bearing position within the system.

DMX is a digital movie of an x-ray in motion and it can be:

  • Printed and emailed as “still” x-rays;
  • Stored on a hard drive;
  • Recorded on DVD.

Traditionally, diagnosis of whiplash injuries rely upon non-moving diagnostic procedures such as static x-rays, stress view x rays, CT, and MRI. During these tests, patients are asked to stand or lie still: “Don’t move” and/or “Hold your breath”. Patients hurt more when they move and pain is commonly an indicator of injury. The majority of these non-moving diagnostic tests come out negative or unremarkable.

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